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Naturally curious, and an avid reader, San Antonio native Zan Lee DuRoy became fascinated with art at a young age, reading stories about Italian Renaissance painters, the Neo-Raphelite movement, French Impressionists, Surrealists, and modern abstract artists. She has spent much of her adult life travelling the world, visiting museums and markets, immersing herself in diverse local cultures. Being creative herself, sha dreamed of a day when she, too, could live the life of a working artist and sharing her visions with the world. 

As a hairstylist specializing in color correction for Aveda, she kept up ties to the art world, surrounding herself with artists and musicians, often modeling for local artists and photographers and supporting the local live music and art scenes. Over the years she has pursued small creative endeavors, making and selling jewelry, embellishing found objects for decor, and knitting. The last two years have bent spent learning various painting techniques, experimenting with different types of media, and developing her own artistic voice. Starting in March of 2022, she has been showing consistently in group and solo exhibits around San Antonio with her paintings and photography and is continuing to book shows into 2024.

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